Remote Alarm Devices


MIC-M Noise Sensor

The MIC-M noise sensor is an alarm enhancement device that does not require direct connection to a monitored piece of equipment.

In operation this unit continuously "listens" for an audible alarm to be sounded. When it "hears" an alarm it sends an output the host DPX-M and the adjustable time delay sequence is started. This audible sensing provides the ability to extend alarms from devices that do not provide their own auxiliary outputs.





DPX-M Time Delay

The DPX-M alarm time delay controller is a low cost device for extending and enhancing the alarm outputs of any device that emits a loud audible alarm. Direct connection from nurse call output cables is possible with the addition of our ADP-1 nurse call adapter.

The unit has an adjustable "on delay" timer to absorb repetitive nuisance alarms, the greatest cause of Alarm Fatigue. To enhance and extend audible alarms the DPX-M provides two "MIC/IN" jacks for connection to our model MIC-M noise sensor. The MIC-M is mounted within two inches of the audible alarm on the monitored equipment. The MIC-M "hears" when an alarm is sounded and then sends an input to the DPX-M. If this input is present for a period greater than the delay time the DPX-M provides two outputs. The jack labeled "OUT" supplies a normally open relay contact for interfacing to external Nurse Call systems. The jack labeled "REMOTE" provides 20 volts D.C. to power our model PZ-M remote buzzer.





PZ-M remote lamp / buzzer

The PZ-M is a low cost remote buzzer for extending audible alarms into the corridor or to a central location. The device emits a loud continuous or pulsing tone (internally set) and has a 24 volt lamp to indicate alarm status.

The PZ-M is powered by a host DPX-M time delay controller and is connected with plug ended cables. It is light enough (4 oz.) to be "3M Dual Lock™'d" to a ceiling grid, door frame, corridor light or wall. When used in combination with a MIC-M noise sensor , DPX-M time delay controller, and 40' cable , a portable alarm extension and enhancement system can be utilized.





DPX-I In-line time delay

The DPX-I in line time delay is a low cost device for enhancing remote alarms by allowing intermittent nuisance alarms to be absorbed or filtered out.

When an external device alarms, the DPX-I starts counting down. When the adjustable time period is reached the DPX-I activates the Nurse Call system at the headwall and will continue to do so until the external system is reset. This delay feature will keep staff from becoming immune to constant false and nuisance alarms.






ADP-1 Input adapter

The ADP-1 Nurse Call Adapter allows an external system to plug directly into the DPX-M time delay controller's inputs.

Typically a normally open nurse call output cable is plugged into the ADP-1, the modular cable is plugged into the host DPX-M mic/in jack. When an alarm condition starts the DPX-M will delay the transmission of the alarm for an adjustable 0-30 second period. A dummy plug is provided silence the cord removal alarm feature.






NC-1 Nurse Call Interface

The NC-1 along with a PZ-M lamp / buzzer, XFORM-1 power supply and MOD-CA-40 (40' cable) provide a low cost stand alone direct connect remote alarm system.  The NC-1 accepts a normally open 1/4" nurse call type plug.





NC-2 Nurse Call Interface

The NC-2 along with a PZ-M lamp / buzzer, XFORM-1 power supply and MOD-CA-40 (40' cable) provide a low cost stand alone direct connect remote alarm system.  The NC-2 accepts a normally open 1/4" nurse call type plug. Installing a 9 volt battery in the NC-2 allows the system to alarm continuously if wall power is lost or a disconnect occurs.





ANN-5 Central lamp panel

The ANN-5 lamp panel provides a central audiovisual monitoring point for our corridor mounted PZ-M remote lamp-buzzers. The PZ-M remote buzzer includes two modular jacks, one that connects to the room at the DPX-M, NC-1 or NC-2 and one for connection to the ANN-5.