Our Technology

Many Hospitals rank Alarm Fatigue as the number one patient safety concern. Our unique alarm absorbing time delay technology can be used to filter out a safe amount of the alarm noise produced by the multitude of medical devices in use today. When our time delay controller is set for 10 seconds all nuisance alarms less than that time period are absorbed.

In situations where a direct remote alarm connection is not available the InFocusTech MIC-M noise sensor is the answer. The sensor hears the audible alarm on the critical care device then transmits a digital signal to the host DPX-M time delay controller. After an adjustable (0-30 second) time delay period the DPX-M activates the PZ-M (remote lamp /buzzer) normally mounted in the hallway. A second PZ-M unit can be attached to the primary up to 1000' feet away. In addition to this stand alone configuration a connection to the existing nurse call system can be easily added. Alarm enhancement and redundancy is achieved with the use of these time tested components.